Komodo Dragon to disappear 20 years ahead?

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KOMODO (eNBe Indonesia) – Governor of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province, Viktor Laiskodat, stressed to temporarily close access to Komodo Island by tourists, in order to support conservation improvement work on said island.

“We will improve all aspects of conservation on this conservation island. We prepare this island specifically for nature conservation, and the community is employed in the spirit of conservation, “Viktor said as shown in the video uploaded by Ochy Wahyuni ​​on the Facebook page on June 10, 2019.

The governor also asked the culinary community to move to Padar Island, and residents who refused as they lack of information and understanding, Governor wishes them not to worry as government would pay attention to the existing placement and design for the sake of people welfare.

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“This (temporary closure-red) for conservation and for the benefit of the people. This place must be a place of the world idol, so the standard should not be as it is today. “These places must be fixed well,” he explained.

Tourists, said the Governor, still have choices to see dragons on Padar Island and Rinca Island.

“Let’s make dragons as ancient animals that continue to be protected so that the next 20 generations (years time) will still see dragons. So we must protect this place well, also the ecosystem,” he pleaded.

The governor also estimated the budget of Rp100 billion for the conservation of Komodo Island per year, far bigger than Rp20 billion per year budgeted so far. Access of large ships to the island of Komodo and small vessels will be also arranged, added the Governor.


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