KUPANG (eNBe Indonesia) – Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Office of East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) Wayan Darmawa said the local government will hold six tourism festivals in July 2019.

That said festivals are Inerie Festival in Ngada District, Flores (scheduled for July 2-10), Etu (traditional boxing) Festival in Nagekeo District, Flores (July 10-15), Caci Festival in Manggarai District, Flores (July 16-17), and Florata festival in West Manggarai Regency, Flores (July 29-August 2).

In addition, Wayan continued, the Weaving Girdles Festival was combined with the Sandelwood Horse Parade will be held in East Sumba Regency on July 12-13, as well as the Festival of Calling Dugong Fish in Alor Regency, Alor Island.

Wayan explained that a number of important activities will be held to support tourism such as The Border Battle Boxing in Kupang City (July 5-7), and Labajo Ring Of Beauty in West Manggarai to support the implementation of the Presidential Cup international boxing in the local area. (antaranews.com)