Emma Heesters: Wish You Were Here (Admesh Kemaleng), hanya rindu?

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DEPOK (eNBe Indonesia) – After being viral in the country and becoming the most favorite song of the year, the song “Hanya Rindu” by Admesh Kemaleng has been viral in the world since 6 September 2019, after Emma Heesters (23 years) from the Netherlands covering this song, in the English version titled “Just Missing You”.

As of today (September 11), the song “Just Missing You” by Emma has been watched by more than 2.8 million times (within 6 days) with a total of nearly 18,000 comments. Around 30,000 viewers liked this song.

“Really fell in love with this beautiful song so I made an English version of it!” Emma wrote on the Instagram page.

Emma is well known today for successfully covering the most popular songs and hits such as Rihanna, Jason Chen. Since the age of the little girl (8 years), Emma focused on developing talent to singing as well as dancing, and had won a singing contest (Dutch Song Festival of Kinderen voor Kinderen) in 2004. At the age of 14, Emma appeared as a professional singer, performing up to 100 times in a year.

Almost every week Emma posts one video song on the youtube channel, the total video now reaches 45 videos. The number of subscribers for Emma’s YouTube channel has already exceeded 1 million with 90 million impressive views.

Emma recently signed a partnership with Universal’s Republic Records in New York, songwriters and producers of a multi-platinum and Grammy Award. Then, Emma was projected to become a world artist.

“Maybe I haven’t been allowed to say this but there is a chance I might come to Indonesia later. What city should I go to, “Emma wrote on her Facebook page.

Of course the Indonesian public hopes and misses Emma to come to Indonesia and singing with Admesh Kemaleng, the country’s super star singer. As Emma hopes that Admesh appeared in the Netherlands (wish him were there), Admesh also certainly hopes that Emma could visit Indonesia someday (wish you were here someday). Don’t let it (Emma’s appearance in Indonesia) ‘hanya rindu‘, just a wish.


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