DEPOK (eNBe Indonesia) – When traveling abroad, Anggun C Sasmi, a singer, was mentioned by foreign media as an introverted figure, a portrait of Indonesians in general.

When interviewed by BBC World News, Anggun was very smart to dismiss the world public opinion. Anggun firmly said that it was not difficult for Indonesians to open up to outside cultures. Anggun even praised her own country as having the most polite culture.

“Real Javanese would accept everything. This is my education. In Indonesia, you know, they taught us how to say NO in different ways, like MAY BE, THINK ABOUT IT. We are very creative in negative aspects, “Anggun said in the interview session.

Anggun really used the moment of the interview to restore the negative perception of world public over Indonesia. The Javanese can accept anything. And in Indonesia, we are taught to say NO (refuse) in another way, more polite despite refusing. That’s the simple understanding for Anggun’s statement above.

Agnez Mo (nika), unlike Anggun C Sasmi, seems selfish because she is too arrogant. An unethical statement, about Indonesia’s bloodlessness, when interviewed by foreign media on the sidelines of the recent American Music Award event, prompted Indonesian public antipathy reaction. Agnez, perhaps because she is still single, seems so selfish, an acute selfish stamped by the arrogance.

Pretty artist Dian Sastrowardoyo (@therealDiSastr) shared the theory. That our pride as an Indonesian nation is directly proportional to the breadth of our insights and knowledge of our nation’s history and culture.

Lumograph (@asmaraism) chatted on Twitter. “Her fan, Ms. @Anggun_Cipta, may be segmented, not many, not over-militant, but she always inspires her fans with thoughts, ideas and an excellent role model. From Ms. Anggun I learned that quantity cannot buy honesty.”

Not agreeing Agnezmo’s feelings were natural. But attacking left and right, up down, is excessive. Disagreeing to angry attack on Agnezmo was natural. But defending her upside down is too much. Our nation indeed needs to learn to react in a modest stance, Alissa Wahid (@AlissaWahid) wrote.