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Economic Focus for 2021

Meanwhile Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has revised Indonesian economic growth target in 2020, to minus 0.2-minus 1.1% of GDP, from initial target of 2.3% of GDP. This year, the inflation rate is predicted around 2-4%, interest rate 3-4%, the Rupiah 14,400-14,800 against the US dollar, ICP US$35-40 a barrel, oil lifting 705,000 barrels per day, and gas lifting 992,000 barrels equivalent per day.

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Agnez Mo (nika), a selfish single, Anggun C Sasmi introverted but smart

Agnez Mo (nika), unlike Anggun C Sasmi, seems selfish because she is too arrogant. An unethical statement, about Indonesia’s bloodlessness, when interviewed by foreign media on the sidelines of the recent American Music Award event, prompted Indonesian public antipathy reaction. Agnez, perhaps because she is still single, seems so selfish, an acute selfish stamped by the arrogance.

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Emma Heesters: Wish You Were Here (Admesh Kemaleng), hanya rindu?

Of course the Indonesian public hopes and misses Emma to come to Indonesia and singing with Admesh Kemaleng, the country’s super star singer. As Emma hopes that Admesh appeared in the Netherlands (wish him were there), Admesh also certainly hopes that Emma could visit Indonesia someday (wish you were here someday). Don’t let it (Emma’s appearance in Indonesia) ‘hanya rindu’, just a wish.

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Komodo National Park Sees Rising Number of Visitors

Lukita also went to say that Komodo dragons are not only found in the Komodo National Park, but also on the Flores plain. Therefore, he reminded the importance of shared awareness to conserve the giant lizards, while at the same time developing a new destination on the Flores plain.

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NTT Government Supports INNOVATION Program

These activities have produced good results, for improving teacher competence and improving the quality of the learning process. As a form of support, the four Sumba districts currently allocate assistance funds. The support is intended for self-financing, expanding the implementation of pilot programs to schools or other clusters, outside the INNOVATION partners.

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Komodo Dragon to disappear 20 years ahead?

“Let’s make dragons as ancient animals that continue to be protected so that the next 20 generations (years time) will still see dragons. So we must protect this place well, also the ecosystem,” said Viktor Laiskodat, Governor of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province.

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